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Some of you may have seen this when I posted it last year as a monochromatic piece. I’ve since redrawn about a third of it and fully colored it in honor of this scene’s depiction in tonight’s episode of GAME OF THRONES. VERY EXCITED to see what they’ve done with my favorite scene.RV_spoiler_redux_web


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On coping with writer’s block (or the lies we tell ourselves along the way)

Black coffee and cigarettes

writing 2

I haven’t written for a very long time.

I joined a creative writing class a while ago to help me through my ‘writer’s block’ – can you call yourself a writer if you don’t write? – and I managed to produce a total of 500 words over the entire four-week course. A paltry amount by any standards, though the course itself was brilliant.

One of the suggestions from my fellow writers was to write about why I don’t write. I’ve been thinking a lot about the reasons I don’t write lately so this seemed as good a place to kick off my writing again as any. And also address why I call myself a writer in the first place – a hard sell in the writing void of the last few months.

In my professional life, I have been a public relations consultant, a journalist and now, an editor. Words…

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You’re Wrong: an F.A.Q.

Everyone else is always wrong.

Proper Discord

Q. Am I really wrong?


Q. Are you sure?


Q. Can you prove that I’m wrong?

Yes, but, you’ll have to agree in advance what proof looks like, otherwise you could just move the goalposts after the game.

Q. How come I have so much evidence that I’m right?

That’s confirmation bias. Your brain carefully files away all the reasons you might be right, and disregards all the reasons you might be wrong.

Q. How come so many people agree with me?

They’re wrong too.

Q. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

Most people are wrong about most things most of the time. If there’s one remarkable discovery to be made in the study of science, religion and philosophy, it’s that being wrong about almost everything does people so little harm. The fact that every scientific discovery since the stone age has only doubled our life expectancy…

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Incompetent Assholes

Recently I’ve been reluctant to post or blog because it’s been a crappy couple of days. Work, end of the month money issues and generally annoying colleagues have made the days meld into one large mess that looks as if someone left a two year old alone with 3 bags of flour.

Work gave us the chance to apply to become a team leader and while this is a good step up, it’s difficult to find any other positives other than not having to talk to customers on a regular basis. Much more work for minimal increase in pay and even less if you get an internal promotion, how is that fair?

I looked around while trying to decide on whether to actually apply and run through the hoops once again for a much lower chance of a job, I saw the present team leaders and suddenly decided that I shall not be applying. While I could do the job and would enjoy the extra money, I believe that I’d eventually quit because there’s nowhere to go after getting the leader badge.

Having said that, if some of the incompetent lazy assholes that I work with actually get the job I’ll probably end up quitting anyway.

I’m content with where I am right now.

How about you?

Beards Holiday

I want to tell you about the worst day I’ve had this month. It all started while binge watching the ITV show about Mr.Selfridge aptly named Selfridges, this is a great show by the way (available on Netflix, well season 1 is).

The title character is played by Jeremy Piven who has a very neatly trimmed beard that looks absolutely glorious.


I on the other hand had quite a scruffy untrimmed mess of a beard but it was mine and I loved it. After watching and witnessing Mr.Selfridges beard I had decided that I should trim my beard into a controlled version of what I had.

This was a mistake

At the first hurdle I fumbled, as soon as the razor hit my beard, my hand slipped and time slowed down, I watched in the mirror helplessly as I became bald down a line on my chin.

I stood there wondering what to do, how to make this better. Trim the other side in the same line! Trim it all! Leave it and hope it goes back!

Having tried two of those, I was left with trimming it all.

My face was cold, my chin felt bare and violated. I had nothing to feel while thinking of things that confused me, I was simply a man without a beard.

Weeks later and the beard is almost back again, not to its former glory but enough not to lay awake worried when the beards holiday would be over.

I’m sorry my fuzzy scruffy beard, I shall never try to control you again…


Chaotic Days and Online plays

“Chaotic Days” seems a good title to start off since that’s what we got today” – Mr Tankypants

I agree with my good friend and fellow gamer Mr. Tankypants, Chaotic days is a good place to start this post. Mr. Tankypants as he is now known and I met on a browser based Mmorpg about a year and a half ago on S172 I believe. He is sure to correct me if I’m wrong.

Since talking to him he has been a constant help with daily life and someone I’ve come to count on after a ‘Chaotic Day’. We talk about anything and everything whilst we play games League of legends, Smite, Ragnorok 2, Wartune and of course for a little while at least Zombie at my pizza.

Back to our chaotic days, while our jobs are different our problems and chaos stems usually from a very common issue, that issue being other people. People not doing their jobs correctly and expecting us to cover the slack, I’m sure many have the same issues with people.

This is where having someone that you can talk about all the shit and listen to all their shit with changes chaotic days to online plays. ‘Own those Noobs’ then smack talk that kid like you wish you could your boss.

The best things in my life have come from being online, I met my fiancee online (we live together), I found my job online, Mr. Tankypants harassed me online and of course I buy my strange but cheap items from Hong Kong online.

Chaotic Day + Online play = Good Day